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"Embracing My Sexy Sixties will have you inspired to live your best life at any age! It is encouraging, empowering and exciting all in one! The women's messages are enlightening and have you yearning for more. It is a must read!" 

~ Melanie Bonita, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of "Daily Dose of Declarations!"

"Sharon you have always been a style trendsetter.  Thank you for offering us such a positive, uplifting, and empowering gift.  This book will surely uplift our sisterhood to celebrate life.  The stories inside will help your readers to shine in their worthiness without apology, excuses, or shame."

~ Jewel Diamond Taylor, aka The Self-esteem Dr.

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"Entering into the age of your 60's was considered the threshold of when a person approaches the last mega phase of production in their life. It's a new day, Women in their 60s are in a state of  "Thrive hold " birth out of  experiences from tragedy to triumph from all areas of their lives. Sharon thank you my fellow sexy sixty sister for shining  a spotlight on our seasoned, sassy, saucy and sexy stories of the Bold, Beauty and Brilliance of women in their sixties."

~ Linda Clemons, Global Expert, Sales and Nonverbal Communications

"This book is perfect for women of any age to embrace, whether they have or have not entered the decade of their sixties! The stories and beautiful pictures will keep you engaged and wanting more as you read through this inspirational and very impressive coffee table book. I have known  Sharon for over thirty years, and I am so proud of you! I love the mix of women from all backgrounds, shapes and sizes. I love their strength and perseverance, and how many of them have come to love themselves. If you're a woman in your sixties or will be when the next one comes out, I urge you to share your stories, the good, the bad and the ugly, so that you might lift up another sister who might see themselves in you!" 

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~ Germaine Bolds-Leftridge, CEO - GBL Sales, Inc., CCO -Ubiquitous Women's Expo

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"Embracing My Sexy Sixties is an interesting account of the lives of several women on the journey of the 6th decade of their wonderful lives. Each one of these remarkable ladies shares refreshing views of their progressive outlook on as they grow better in dealing with love and life.


Many younger women should read this book to gather great insight to their future as well as gather a better understanding to find better solutions to deal with life in general."

~  Rodney Wayne Branche, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Copa Style Magazine, @copastylemag 

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"Over the years a combination of market demands of beauty products and services has created  a supply of women who do not want to fit culture expectations of how aging should look. 


Here in this book you will see that these women do not fit the norm. In fact, they destroy the narrative that you have to appear like the aging hopeless dependent woman of yesteryears. You will read and understand that everything that you have gone through in life is about who you are and who you are becoming. You will learn how they used their experiences to create new ones. Simply by exploring activities to take care of their soul, mind and body. All in all, the biggest lesson you will take away is to love and embrace all of you." ~ Charlene E. Day, Communication Strategist

~ Charlene E. Day, Communication Strategist

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"Wow! Sharon's book, Embracing My Sexy Sixties is a wonderful tribute to womanhood at any age. This book is a generous offering of inspirational stories that breathe with hope, laughter, engagement, and strength! It's an exciting journey taken by a mix of women from varied backgrounds and life experiences. Sharon, nailed it with this one!


No matter what age woman you may be enjoying, there will always be some woman coming behind you who will look to you for guidance and there will always be some woman ahead of you who can offer you wisdom. You know your story better than anyone else. Tell it, share it!"

~ Louise Robinson, President, "Sweet Honey and The Rock, Inc"

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"Embracing My Sexy Sixties explores beauty and wisdom in a creative collective way never seen before! All these woman are now my role models as they have given me a roadmap to becoming sexy at 60!"

~ Jacqueline Thompson, Owner, Overdue Recognition Art Gallery

"Women embracing their sixties: The ladies stories in this wonderful book introduces us to women in their sixties at turning points in their lives. In doing so, in the face of becoming sixty, I enjoyed these story collections immensely. The stories offer intimate views of women turning sixty in a way that makes the reader almost voyeuristic. I am watching these women live and love, and it is fascinating to do. The ladies be and live which I found to be the greatest gift you’ could give the reader. This is that rare collection of stories that I will definitely read again and probably more than twice."

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~ Russell Price, King Of Marketing, BE THERE Magazine

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